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The barcode registration is necessary as it gets rid of human errors. This feature further makes the organization to run very smoothly to run. The barcodes give clear and the exact data. The products can be tracked and the information can be acquired easily. The barcode can be reprinted and pertinent data can be included. Since the data can be traced rapidly, it is possible to choose more products.

Hence it is easy for the decision making. When there are more products, barcodes give crucial access to the variety of information. Right from product information and till the specification of the stock data, the barcode is sensible and practical. As barcodes are reliable and techno-savvy the barcode registration is the best way to obtain most of the benefits to have growth in the business.


  • The real time source of information of the product is possible without any manually entering data.
  • Fast data entry without errors is the supremacy of barcode.
  • Less expensive of design and print with customization of plenty of finishes and materials extend in barcode.
  • The flexibleness of barcode is reflecting in the speedy data collection with their price.
  • Inventory tracking and its level maintenance are managing through these barcodes.
  • By its versatile usage, huge equipment and shipments are tracking with exact location.


Barcode is a parallel of black and white lines are in machine readable format to track different products. These characters are encoding and easily represent the thorough details of every product.

Retail business features are fulfilled in the form of barcode. The records of price, sales order, tracking and other inventories. It is a unique code assign for each product in the business market.

Barcode types are varying from business and its size. EAN/UPC barcodes are recommending for retail business. Data bar family barcode for food products and 1D &2D are used for huge industries and manufacturing units.

The business market of retail outlets is hugely using these barcodes. More than that not only in India, the global level credit is offering for the individual product through this barcode registration.

No, there is no renewal process following in the barcode registration once you got it permanently it will be yours.


  • A Copy of GST registration certificate.

  • Partnership deed / Incorporation certificate / MSME.

  • A Request letter on company's letter head.

  • A copy of company balance sheet.

  • Cancelled cheque copy of the applying company.