One more revolution in Finance industry where the products details can be stored as Barcode. and it is data in visual machine readable format. It contains pattern of both black and white which turns into line of text. The computer system can understand it. For quick identification it is useful and an important point is this can be read with barcode scanner. Barcode was designing by George J. Laurer in USA in 1970.When speaking about anatomy of and it consists of 12 digit number. First is number system character. Then comes the manufacturer code and the product code. And the 12th digit will be the check digit.

Barcode information on smart phone

Barcode registration in Chennai says that when the machine failing to read the barcode then the number below barcode lines can be entered manually. We can find it mostly in grocery shops.The information will depend on type of object that barcode printed on. For example the barcode information in grocery will vary from barcode information on a smart phone. The different types of barcode. They are one dimensional and two dimensional. One dimensional- It also called as linear barcodes. It consists of lines horizontally and can store limited information. Only drawback is it cannot store more information about a product.

point of sale

It is for quick access.Two dimensional- It is useful to store more information about a product. It allows you to use keyboard characters. The 2D bar codes are costly when comparing to 1D bar codes. Also lets discuss about other types like EAN, UPC, Data bar.EAN is European Article Number. It is a bar code standard which contains 12 to 13 digit number.UPC is Universal Product Code. The Data bar contains seven types of bar code. Four digit applied for scanning in POS(Point of sale).Other two digits contain serial number and lot number of expiry date.

Barcode registration requirements

Let us see what are all the documents for Bar code registration. Bar code registration in Chennai requires for the following documents. First one is Certificate of Incorporation. Second one is GSt registration. Third one is PAN card of the company. Fourth one is Request letter on company’s letterhead. And also one copy of audited balance sheet, MOA and turnover of the company.On obtaining the above said documents the Bar code registration in Chennai begins the process. Initially you should deciding on the number and type. It begins with identification of the requirement. Because based on the requirement the size of the bar code varies.


Then above said documents are attaching. After this the validity period and lot size determined and fee paid in form of DD.In two days bar code will have the deliver. The validity of bar code is three to ten years.It is quite inquisitive to know whether Bar code can be registered online. The Bar code registration in Chennai paves the way for it. It uses simple 4 ways.First one is select bar code symbology .The default is code 128.And then enter your text you would like to bar code. Click creates bar code. The final step is enter you email address. And then you will receive an email with This..

Barcode registration subsidy

Bar code registration in Chennai should explaining about barcode registration subsidy ;because it is helpful for Small Scale Industries and Micro small and micro enterprise units to obtain GS standards in barcode.For one time registration 75 percentage will reimbursing. For the first three years 75 percentage of annual fee incurred.The reimbursement done by Bar code registration in Chennai in which reimbursement application is filling and submitted. And also the amount will be dispatching through DD or cheque . Let us speak about the benefits of bar code given by Bar code registration in Chennai. The human error is eradicating and designing and print expense are less. Bar code gives correcting data.

Barcode scanning

Better decision making saves both time and money. And also they are small and light comparing to RFID tags. Does this advance technology have any disadvantages? The answer is yes; few disadvantages are encountering

in this by Bar code registration in Chennai. It says that when the barcode crumbled or damaging then it cannot be scanned. Scanned by barcode scanner so if susceptible to any damages then it cannot scan. We see in departmental stores where the sales people enter the number manually if cannot scan. So it takes time. So the whole responsibility lies on the potential of the sales person to complete the work.Can anything replace bar codes?


Yes. Barcode registration in Chennai informs us with RFID which can be replacing. FID means Radio Frequency Identification .They can be small and thin. It uses electromagnetic field to identifing. But it is more expensive than printing barcode on a piece of paper. The advanced RFID uses RFID blocking which protects you from RFID skimming. Skimmimg is as electronic pick pocketing. So nowadays debit cards, credit cards, passports, driver license come with RFID blocking. Barcode registration in Chennai should educating people about it.When speaking about advanced technologies we cannot excluding QR code. QR is Quick Responsing advanced form of barcode. It can store much information. Barcode registration in Chennai explains the following. It can store two thousand and nine hundred and fifty three alpha numeric characters. It uses spaces and punctuation.


Of course it takes less space.QR codes can sustain 30 percentages of damages. For scanning QR code our smart phone also used. With this you may access the website of the brand rather than entering the URL manually.Of course we see that when we crawling upon cookery steps for preparing a recipe we see a QR code below that contains the information of the website’s URL and the related video. You don’t have to entering the web address manually; and just by the scan you can view. See how easy it is.

Barcode registration details

Also in visiting cards QR is available so when scanned you will know all the business details like name, address, Contact number. Just by the scanning you can store the details on your mobile phones. aNDAlso for transferring money you need QR code and mobile number.Barcode registration in Chennai says unlike barcode QR code is two dimensional.In addition It contains information in both horizontal and vertical lines. Hence it is easier to access.And For fast moving world, Barcode system assists us to do job quickly


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