How do I register a barcode for my product in India?

Barcode Registration in Bangalore

A barcode registration is basically a machine readable code in the form of a square or rectangular image consisting of a set of parallel black lines and white spaces of different widths following a set of algorithms. For quick identification, barcodes are applied to products. In other words, it is a method of encoding information into machine-readable visual patterns. Most often, they are used in retail stores as part of the purchasing process, on accounting aids to assist in accounting, in warehouses for trucking inventory and in many other uses. Therefore, to avail the benefit, barcode registration is mandatory.

The global entity that manages and certifies barcode registration services across India is GS1, a non-profit organization run by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It was founded in 1996. It sets and operates the barcode standards used by retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. There are about 2 million companies worldwide using the standards of GS1 systems in about 20 industries such as retail and consumer packaged goods, transportation and logistics, food, healthcare, government, etc. Therefore, it is the body that regulates the issuance of scanned barcodes anywhere in the world.

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Uses of Barcode Registration

Barcode Registration in Chennai

The rest of the barcodes are just as popular, but they have very specific applications. You can experience them throughout the supply chain or use them in your marketing.

1.Coda bar barcodes are mainly used in logistics-based operations such as libraries, shipping companies, blood banks and photo labs. Also known as code 2 of 7, these barcodes use numbers, letters A-D and the following symbols: $ – +: /.

Other barcode types are capable of carrying more information today, but coda bar barcodes are popular in these industries because they are easily printable. Anything from tot writers to dot-matrix printers can create coda bar barcodes.5 barcodes (or ITF barcodes) contain only numbers and must contain the same number. Each set of digits connects to form part of the visual barcode. Barcode Registration in Chennai can always be seen on corrugated box boxes containing packaged products.

2.Post net (postal numeric encoding technology) may not seem familiar with the barcode name, but it has a distinct visual appearance that is immediately recognizable. Post net barcodes are long barcode bars that are print on mail deliver by the United States Postal Service. A range of bars of different sizes are use to encode zip code information for postal service automated mail receivers.

3.The QR (Quick Response) codes are different from the other barcodes include in this list in that they are two-dimensional. While the barcodes discuss up to this point are only horizontal in nature, the QR codes are square – the data is store both horizontally and in both ways.

Types of barcodes

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Different applications require different barcodes with the ability to hold different data. Therefore, for different needs, GS1 sets the standards for use with different types of barcode registration in Hyderabad symbols. GS1 barcodes can be classified into the following categories:

1.GS1EN / UPC Family Barcodes

The GS1EN / UPC family of barcodes are instantly recognizable barcodes print on every consumer product in the world. They are the longest establish and widely use of all GS1 barcodes.

2.GS1 Data bar Family Barcodes

Data bar barcodes are always use for fresh food labels. These barcodes can capture information such as the item’s batch number or expiration date, in addition to other characteristics used at the item’s weight point at f-sale.

3.GS1 1D barcodes

GS1-128 and ITF-14 are the most versatile 1D barcodes capable of tracking items through a global supply chain. The GS1-128 barcode can carry any of the GS1 ID keys, plus information such as serial numbers, expiration dates and more. The ITF-14 barcode contains only the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and is suitable for printing on corrugated material.

4.GS1 2D barcodes

Two-dimensional (2D) barcodes look like squares or rectangles with many small, individual dots. A single 2D barcode can hold a significant amount of information and can be readable even when printed on a small size or bound to a product. Industries ranging from manufacturing and warehousing to logistics and healthcare have a wide range of 2D barcodes.

Documents required for Barcode Registration

Barcode Registration in Hyderabad
  • Barcode allocation request letter
  • Entity’s PAN card
  • Dated balance sheet copy
  • Certificate of GST / VAT registration
  • Certificate of Investment / Partnership Deed
  • Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association
  • A copy of the cancelled check

Procedure of Barcode Registration

In India, the GS1 Company prefix with the required fee for allotment of GS1. 1 It is easy to get a barcode by submitting the following documents to India, used for barcoding of products. Submit the following documents:

  • GS1 India Registration Form is duly fill and sign with “Product Classification Sheet”, properly encloses / highlights the product category produced / supplied.
  • Letter / Forward Letter Request on Letterhead for Allocation of GS1 Company Prefix Number
  • A copy of the balance sheet (relevant page in support of sales turnover) on or after March 31, 2015
  • Copy of Proprietor’s PAN Card – In other cases a copy of the applicant’s proprietorship firm or PAN card.
  • Proof of the status of the applicant company

Benefits of Barcode

Our barcode registration service is completely optional

However, there are several benefits to registering your barcodes online:

Registration makes your product visible on some telephone app scanners

Barcode registration some telephone app scanners (such because the Zebra app) support product information when a product barcode is scan. Click here for more information on barcode scanning applications.

Registration Increase your product’s Internet profile

Barcode registration in Cochin will increase the product’s Internet profile in order that product information will appear when checking out a barcode on Google or the other program . This makes it easier for retailers and customers to seek out your company and merchandise information.

Incorporation helps prevent the theft or accidental misuse

Your barcode numbers, as you’ve got additional proof that they’re yours. If a barcode is incorporate on an online database, it can persuade people to use the barcode number illegally on sites like Amazon. If a fast internet search tells an individual that a barcode number is in use, they’re going to be less likely to use the barcode. While people cannot utilize legally sold barcode numbers, if they’re use illegally, it’s a further hassle for the legal owner of the barcode number to follow it. This will be easily ignore with barcode registration.

Registration helps prove that your barcode is valid and bonafide

The registration helps a couple of unwanted retailers who still think GS1’s database has all the answers – you’ll point them to the present independent database where your Barcode Registration are Reportedly, the evidence is yours, and valid and bonafide – this will save time and unnecessary frustration with some retailers.

How do I register a barcode for my product in India?

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